2022 Autumn Collection

2022 Autumn Collection


Handcrafted molded Bonbons


Hand Crafted especially for you

New season hand crafted selection of Chocolate Bonbons.

sixteen or nine piece box available:

Flavours include the following:

Coconut, Vanilla & Caramelized white chocolate ganache 

Sea Salt Caramel 

Single Origin & Plantation Valrhona Millot 74% (Madagascar) Dark Chocolate & raspberry ganache

Single Origin Callebaut Arriba 39% (Ecuador) Milk chocolate ganache

Single Origin & double ferment Valrhona Itakuja 55% Dark (Brazil) & Lime pate de fruit

Passionfruit Ganache

Peppermint fondant & Peppermint crunch (with French crispy crepe & Hazelnut)

Hazelnut Praline milk chocolate ganache

Raspberry & white chocolate ganache (In 9 Piece box)

Allergens Include: Gluten, Dairy. Milk, Peanuts, Nuts, Soy