Bon Bon Collections 2024

I am excited to keep bringing you high quality chocolates this year in 2024. Thank you for your continued support and let's make this year the best yet!

My handcrafted chocolate bonbons are now presented in a custom-made, magnetic close box to not only give the receiver a sense of luxury from the moment they pick up the box, but also the inserts protect the chocolate bonbons from getting damaged in transit and retain the freshness of the chocolate for longer.

I encourage you to recycle or re-use these quality chocolate bonbon boxes.

I always love to know what you think, so please share your experience with me.

Michelle x

Vietnam Dark & Whiskey truffles


Chocolatier Collection 43


Lovers' Collection


Chocolatier collection


Delicious Vegan Friendly Chocolate Bonbons - Buy Online Today!

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