About Michelle Armstrong 


Founded in 2020, M A Chocolatier is already making waves as Australia's new and trailblazing chocolatier. Delivering bite-sized bon-bons that scream of loud and vibrant flavours, Michelle Armstrongs philosophy is short, sweet and simple:

"To not only provide mouth-watering food, but also a memorable experience for our customers"

Through this, founder Michelle Armstrong has tried and tested each and every ingredient in our chocolates to assure customers are guaranteed state of the art masterpieces that you can't keep your hands off. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or just for your pleasure, our chocolates are made to order all year round to arrive at your doorstep in idyllic condition, just like they are when they leave our hands.

The opening of M A Chocolatier wasn't a spur of the moment decision, instead, it was a process that saw our founder work in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and all across Australia. Whether she was mastering Celcius' at the age of 8 or holding her own against world-renowned chefs when working internationally, Armstrong boasts of 25-years' experience in the hospitality industry, and it is no coincidence that she has started a business which requires perfection and consistency each day.

From entrées to mains, our Founder has worked across all areas of the kitchen, however, she has never been able to take her eyes off eye-catching and delectable desserts. From this, Armstrong has seen herself trained by the best at the Australian Patisserie Academy and The Chocolate Academy to assure her skills are not only matched with, but also in competition with the top names in the industry.

At M A Chocolatier, we treat your order as if it is being served on a silver platter to the Queen of England. Each bon-bon type has been experimented with until its flavour is unrivalled, and our boxing has been designed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and offers the best protection to your chocolates. No detail is too small, and all orders are treated with the same importance. After all, good is not good enough if better is possible.

Complacency and herd mentality are two phrases banned from the M A Chocolatier vocabulary. Our founder is constantly working to reinvent herself and be one step ahead of all the latest food trends to transform timely pieces into timeless masterpieces. It is our mission to provide you with a service that is above the rest as good enough simply will not do. We assure each ingredient going into your chocolates are fresh and each chocolate mould is in polished, and immaculate condition. Through this, we work around the clock to guarantee we are available for your next order.

The M A Chocolatier brand is a reflection of our founder's years of experience and the blue-ribbon standards she sets for her business. With an immense number of flavours and sets to choose from, M A Chocolatier is your one-stop shop for the finest and freshest chocolate- and we will be here waiting for you next time you decide to come back!

M A Chocolatier

is a small Artisan chocolatier located in the coastal town Kiama 120km south of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

Each chocolate box collection is handmade to order, quality checked and packaged with love and care.

If you live nearby, chocolate orders can be picked up by arrangement "pick up" at the checkout. The address will be sent via email once your order is ready to pick up.